Party Favors


Do you remember when you’d go to a wedding, Quince Anos, or anniversary party and at the end of the party the host would pass out silly favors? I’m talking about pillows, Mini framed photos, or candles with their name? I remember very well! In fact, I am guilty of it myself! For my first baby shower, I spent two moths making tiny little pillows with pink lace for every single guest. Who did I think wanted those stupid little things and what were people supposed to do with them?!


Those days are gone! We have so many wonderful sweet options to offer for favors and they can all be personalized! Do you want your picture on a favor to give to a guest? Put it on a cookie! How about your initials and the date of your event? Put that on a cupcake! We offer packaging for all of our small favor sized sweets. Cookies, cakepops, cupcakes, marshmallows and more! We can even add a little message tag to give to that extra special touch.

Now you tell me, what is the craziest favor you have ever given or have been given?

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