Dessert Buffets

THPB Dessert Buffet

THPB’s  Luxury Dessert Buffets are specifically designed for each event,

incorporating your color palette and various design elements. The result will be uniquely sweet.

All THPB Dessert Buffets include:


Unique T.H.P.B Owned Equipment 

Delivery, set up, and pick up

Tableware (platters, jars, utensils, stands, candle holders, etc.)

2-4 Pieces per guest- No less than 3 times your guest count in desserts.

– Minimum of 30 GUESTS


We require a minimum of 30 Guests for the booking of your buffet.

Dessert Flavors increase by one for every 30 guests. There is a maximum of 10 desserts per event.

*Specials and Discounts are limited and do not include all of the services mentioned. Ask THPB for details.


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